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The Body in Question

The immediate experience of the human body is something, which we take for granted. We perceive and act with it and become fully aware of its presence only when it is injured, or when it goes wrong. Even then, the subjective experience of the body is usually incoherent and perplexing, and when we want it to put right, we refer to people who have learned to think about it with the help of technical metaphors: experts whose use of analogy has enabled them to visualize the body not merely as an intelligible system, but as an organized system of systems – which does not mean that man is an engine or that his humanity is a delusion.

It is unfortunate that the establishment of medical effectiveness has coincided with a large-scale rejection of scientific thought and with the identification of science as all that is destructive and unnatural in the human imagination.

In the belief that modern man has derived from the ancient wisdom of natural communities, many patients have turned their back on orthodox treatment, favouring practices which they regard as expression of some cosmic unity – homeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and so on. The irony is that far from rejection or distorting nature, scientific medicine achieves it’s way of restoring and results by recognizing what nature is and by reproducing and reconstituting her grand designs. Science is not a blasphemy; the willful rejection of its insights is.

On this site I try to show and explain that one of the most effective ways of restoring and preserving man’s humanity is by acknowledging the extent to which he is a material mechanism. This site is not simply about the organs it describes, nor is it all that what can be said about them. But in fact, you can find literally all you need or like to know on issues concerning your body, here!

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Doc Sundowner

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