Hello and welcome to the Art of Science page.
This page I have written for several purposes: as a free destination for the incurably curious, but also to provide the reader with a simple fact. Art and Science are both sides of the same Coin. “Cogito Ergo sum” – Principia Philosophiae (René Descartes 1596-1650)

And here we start with the first paradox do I think myself, or do I believe what other’s make me think. How does my brain work, how does it looks? How do I use it for Art, for Science, for everything I encounter. But one thing I know for sure: “I am not my brain.” Be prepared to jump in a world full of chaos and entropy. Over time, I write short stories easy to comprehend or not to comprehend at all, and hereby we will read the value of nonsense.

Dear friend and unexpected passenger,
Today it is party time, I invite you all to read my quantum balloons and have a slice of my delicious mind-blowing cosmic cake. Because I am Dutch, you have to bring your own booze. Before I think in any deepness, such as “a brief history in time” written by Sir Steve Hawking, I again like to tell a little anecdote from last year November. The last week in November I visited a friend in Germany, we have the same breed of dog: an Airdaile terrier. On short, of course my dog travelled with me the distance of roughly 150 kilometers. When we reached our destination, we were looking for a park, just for a pee before we ring the bell on our friends door. So I was walking the dog and I met a little young fellow. The boy looked at me with wondering dark sparkling eyes and asked me polite: are you Santa Claus? I answered with my kindest face possible, No young man, I’m only his brother. But if you have wishes tell me and I will tell my brother the wishes you have. Then he will certainly look what he can do for you. No, sorry Sir, we get no presents from Santa Claus, we get them form the Christ child, by any chance do you know the Christ child? Yes, of course, we are all family. That is great, I would like to have a Carrera Racetrack XXL. I promised to pass the message. With lucky eyes he jumped towards home. I thought: Well done: a new story to tell. Of course I shared the park experience with my friend and we had a philosophic conversation on that.

Some possibilities:
The little boy came home and told enthousiastic his story. The parents listen wise and smiled, what an adventure. The parents think the son overreact and deny my existence, but not the existence of Santa Claus. Worst case, the boy fantasizes to much, the make an appointment to see a shrink next Monday. When does, our actions make sense and when don’t, do we know?

Back to Sir Hawking. He started his book after a lecture at Harvard, the famous Loeb-lectures. The decision to write a book he made after he read a lot of books published about the early universe, black holes, is the universe endless, how did it start. Only a few books met his standards, the rest was nonsense. The idea to enlighten some humans is noble and makes sense, to think it is a must read in interest of all is nonsense. His handicap, having ALS, an ailment that is degenerating his motoric nervecells, is worsening. But he is so happy to may count his blessings, his lovable wife and children and of course the opportunity to study theoretical physics full filled his life. The total quantum universe plays and exists in his fabulous mind, that makes him a nonsense man.

My point, I am fully aware of the fact I write nonsense all the time, bearing in mind if I reach only a few readers 0,001% of our world population my nonsense becomes sense and this I enjoy every single day in my life. Have a happy mindblowing time. I do hope you leave the party without a hangover.

Best wishes, Docsundowner.

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