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At this site you may find much valuable information and many facts and tips to maintain a powerful brain. By nourishing, relaxing and keeping the brain sharp, the body is to become fitter, feels younger and is prepared for new challenges to come. Specific information on this site covers plenty important human issues, and moreover offers personal selected tools including recommended and reliable partners to guide you to solutions, which really work for any person.

At this site you also find available links, downloadable Ebooks, exciting educational programs and starter kits, all concerning three major issues: your Brain, Body and Science & Art.

Accept my invitation to jump directly into the universe of possibilities for mind, body and soul combined into Human Cosmic Evolution.

With all the tools here available you can create your own marvelous chance to alter your life for the better at any moment. Nobody withholds you to start right now. Everything is possible with only one single restriction: You have to do it yourself.

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Join my adventure: maybe my profile is the opposite you have expected to find here or just fits your imagination of the person you were looking to find. To get acquainted with me, here are some basic facts.

By profession, I am an academician for over 37 years now, and your guess is right, theoretical quantum physics and cosmology. Not only I have lectured physics and math to freshmen and post-docs, I also apply the laws of quantum physics in my everyday life. Having succeeded in different scientific projects, Siberia, Novosibirsk Akadem Gorodok and the Academy of Science or the Science Park Malmo, Sweden. Having done research and development in some major fields of applied physics as senior researcher or head of some science groups, I am certainly aware of my abilities, what I can and what I cannot.

Supplemental I act as the chairman of several foundations (foundation L’ Aigle, Art and Science, for 15 years, foundation Children and Peace Europe for over 15 years. The American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine as an active member more than 15 years, member of the American Chemical Society for more than 6 years, and here is a start for a new chapter of my life.

At this moment at the age of 67 I live for eighteen years now the last three weeks of my life: in February 1996 a specialist in the academic hospital told me after three days of the examination.Please don’t be offended, but I have to tell you that you are suffering non-Hodgkin-lymphoma plus heavy chain disease.So please do some nice things for the remaining time, say goodbye to family and friends, as in a few weeks you will be dead, period.

That was the ignition to change my life drastically, and now have a look at me: I am fit and healthy today and am able to share it all with you: my knowledge and experience gathered together in a whirling life.

Personal Info

‘Sundowner” is the traditional Australian expression for tramp or vagabond; in America it is regarded as a doctor, which helps the poor for free in the evening hours. I am both.



The Brain: Facts  and  Fiction

We live in an age where we are constantly barraged by information from dozens of television channels, daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines, and the endless data posted  on the internet, just as you're reading now at this very moment.

Even the young and healthy are overwhelmed trying to keep up with this accelerated  rate of information overload. The modern world seems to require too much effort from our mental abilities. Everything in our body (muscles, organs, cells , skin and bones) is made of tiny cells. This is also true for the brain. The brain cells are called neurons.

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The Body in Question...

The immediate experience of the human body is something, which we take for granted. We perceive and act with it and become fully aware of its presence only when it is injured, or when it goes wrong. Even then, the subjective experience of the body is usually incoherent and perplexing, and when we want it to put right, we refer to people who have learned to think about it with the help of technical metaphors: experts whose use of analogy has enabled them to visualize the body not merely as an intelligible system, but as an organized system of systems – which does not mean that man is an engine or that his humanity is a delusion.


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This page I have written for several purposes: as a free destination for the incurably curious, but also to provide the reader with a simple fact. Art and Science are both sides of the same Coin. “Cogito Ergo sum” - Principia Philosophiae (René Descartes 1596-1650). And here we start with the first paradox do I think myself, or do I believe what other’s make me think. How does my brain work, how does it looks? How do I use it for Art, for Science, for everything I encounter. But one thing I know for sure: “I am not my brain.”

Be prepared to jump in a world full of chaos and entropy. Over time, I write short stories easy to comprehend or not to comprehend at all, and hereby we will read the value of nonsense.

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* The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Inc. ("A4M") is a not-for-profit medical society dedicated to the advancement of technology to detect, prevent, and treat aging related disease and to promote research into methods to retard and optimize the human aging process. A4M is also dedicated to educating physicians, scientists, and members of the public on anti-aging issues.


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